Is the new boom just a speculative bubble, or an actual future for digital goods?

Everydays: The First 5000 Days by Beeple sold at Christie’s for more than $69 million

Ownership. Until you think about it too hard, you don’t realize how abstract of a concept it is. We, as a society agree that a certain item belongs to somebody, regardless of where it is, and who is in actual possession of it. This abstract is ingrained in our society though. If you have two identical cars, and you accidentally swap them with the other owner, you’ll still want yours back, even if functionally, there’s no difference.

That tangible feeling of ownership has become further distorted with digital goods. Perfect copies are almost impossible to achieve in real-life, yet, anything…

How the inconveniences of online trading translate to game-related services — and how to counter-strike against them.

Your average Steam Scammer, AD 2021, colorized.

We could start this article with a whole hailstorm of cliches fed to the modern-day reader about the expansion of online trading in all shapes and forms. It all comes down to the facts of life — the Internet is a platform that proxies most traditional goods and services, and supports a new world of digital goods trading with all its variants and niches. Even more so, the two worlds have started to blend in unexpected ways.

E-commerce is conditioned by the information technology and the average performance of the most accessible device’s specifications. This means that it is processed…

How CS:GO’s Community Workshop created a new artistic industry.

Community modifications are very much the heart and soul of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. After all, the game itself started as a mod to 1998’s Half-Life, which led to the two creators of the mod Minh “Gooseman” Le and Jess Cliffe being hired by Valve, and their work being published as the original Counter-Strike in 2000.

That didn’t stop the community from continuing to modify the game, introducing new maps, game modes, gun models and more to the FPS. A majority of the more expansive mods were focused on older titles in the series such as the aforementioned original game and…

… and how to prepare for it.

The global Counter-Strike: Global Offensive skins market works like any other complex market. Every niche has its own rules and specificity, attracts a little bit different types of traders and investors, and has slightly different trading cycles and opportunities.

Luckily, there are events that have an impact on the global skin trading market and are quite cyclical. Therefore, by observing the market and taking notes from the past events a trader or investor can better prepare for what’s to come and act appropriately to the situation.

In part 1 we’ve already discussed the release of new skin content (case or…

How Video Games can be a double-edged sword in our mental health struggles.

Mental Health and Gaming
Mental Health and Gaming

Mental health and gaming are a topic that goes back to the beginning of our industry. Whether it be legitimate addiction concerns or unfounded scaremongering about games inciting violence in children, we’ve seen heated debates about gaming’s place in modern society over the past few years.

Gaming has since largely become rehabilitated through research. Psychologists have found that certain games can improve wellbeing, while challenging games like Dark Souls can be very helpful in combating depression when combined with traditional therapy.

The gaming space has also created several initiatives that help people cope with mental illness like Healthy Gamer ran…

…and how to prepare for it.

While trading on virtually any traditional market you have to be on the lookout for sudden events that may shift prices. The same is true for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive skin trading. Nowadays, people that know what to expect (more or less) and how to act upon those expectations are what we call veteran traders or veteran investors. More often than not, they are able to amass considerable capital by reading the market correctly. One thing that helps enormously is recognizing patterns. …

How 2020 killed North America’s CS:GO momentum.

It was just over 2 years ago when North American CS seemed primed to rule the world. Cloud9 has just won the ELEAGUE Boston Major, stunning the stacked FaZe Clan in perhaps the most iconic and tense final in CS:GO History. With Cloud9 and Team Liquid almost guaranteed a good showing in every tournament and new investments coming in, it seemed like the NA scene was finally growing a beard.

A year after Cloud9’s success, everything seemed to be going well. While Cloud9 itself has fallen off, Liquid was the only team that could challenge world-beaters Astralis, while projects like…

…and what they did wrong.

FIFA 21 promotional materials

FIFA Ultimate Team is perhaps the most profitable single game mode/concept in gaming history. Its rise lifted its producer to the position of EA CEO, and its approach led to countless copycats, but also improved iterations of the concept, creating better, more consumer-friendly microtransaction funnels. To celebrate the launch of FIFA 21, we’re going to take a look at how exactly EA built their model and compare it to our bread and butter in the form of Counter-Strike Global Offensive trading. Let’s start from the beginning…


Ultimate Team first launched in the Xbox 360 version of a FIFA spin-off, “UEFA…

The Ins and outs of user-oriented skin monetization

In the past, we’ve talked about investing, evaluation models, and other such niches considering the generally understood game-related digital goods market, basing our explanations on our expertise of CS:GO’s skins market. However, it’s about time that we cast aside the technicalities and focus on user functionality.

With or without the knowledge of the skin diversity and their market, the awareness of simple methods of turning digital goods into real money is useful to anyone, be it a casual CS:GO player that happened to drop something more interesting than an Industrial Grade weapon skin, or to an avid multi-game collector who…

…and Even Crazier Prices!

We all enjoy a good story. It’s fun, right?

But a good story is something more than that. It can turn something trivial into a symbol. It can change our perception and influence our choices.

That’s why storytelling is such a powerful tool, especially in sales and marketing. A good story gives context to potentially disconnected elements — it connects the dots and your brain loves it. …


We are Skinwallet, a digital goods trading website. We believe in a future where you’ll be able to pay for real-life items with digital goods.

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